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Tickets and Attendance Information

Ticket Information

The capacity for the Fall 2021 ceremony is at 100% and tickets are no longer required for any ceremony. 

Attendance Information for Guest

Mask Requirement:
All graduates and guests in attendance at the ceremony are REQUIRED to wear a mask for the duration of the ceremony. Please help us in keeping our event safe for graduates, staff, family/friends, and event staff. 

Social Distancing/Seating: 
We ask that family members sit together in sections that will be marked in groups/pods of 12 seats. The groups/pods will be 6 feet from other groupings of families.

Bag Check: 
University Police will examine the contents of all purses, bags, packages, etc. of persons entering the venues.

Please note that a clear bag policy is being enforced.

Allowed: Small purse, with or without a strap, may not exceed 6.5" x 4.5" x 1"
Allowed: Diaper bag for age-appropriate children and equipment bag for medical items
Binoculars allowed, however, its bag must meet size guidelines above or be in a clear bag.

NOT ALLOWED: large purses, bags, backpacks, wrapped gifts or items that could block the view of others (i.e. large balloon, signs, etc.).