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Applying for Graduation

A student must complete their Application for Degree by the required deadline to ensure that they are able to recieve their diploma at the ceremony and are present in the Univeristy's Commencement Program. Each graduate will be issued a plaque diploma ready for immediate display.  In addition, each graduate will be receiving an additional sheet diploma. Graduating students who successfully complete degree requirements and wish to receive their diploma at Commencement need to be aware of the following information:

Application for Degree

Students must accurately complete and submit the Application for Degree and pay the $90.00 fee. The application can be accessed through ULink and payments can also be made through your Statement of Account on ULink.

Additional Information:

  • To ensure that you name appears in the Commencement Program and your diploma can be ordered timely,  the application must be received by the specified deadline.
  • It is particularly important that your MAILING ADDRESS be complete and accurate.  Without accurate mailing information, a student will miss important announcements.
  • Priority appointments for registration are available to degree candidates who apply a semester in advance. Please see the Academic Calendar for the deadline.