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In preparation for Commencement, ALL graduates have a responsibility to ensure that they are in good standing to graduate both academically and financially.

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Attendance at Graduation

Graduates are required to attend their Commencement Ceremony.  If a student has a conflict which prevents his/her attending the Ceremony, the student must apply to his/her dean for permission to graduate in absentia no later than three (3) weeks prior to the Commencement Ceremony, using the Absentia Request Form.
NOTE: If a graduate does not apply to graduate in absentia and does not attend Commencement, the diploma will be destroyed after six (6) months.

Disability Services for Graduates

Degree candidates with disabilities, who need accommodations to participate in their College Ceremony/General Assembly are asked to please make timely contact with their Academic Dean's Office.The University of Louisiana at Lafayette tries to accommodate all persons with disabilities. If you have a disability that may require special arrangements, please notify your academic dean no later than fourteen (14) days in advance of commencement. There will be designated areas for family and friends in each venue for special seating.

Alumni Association Membership

A graduating student becomes an active member of the UL Lafayette Alumni free for one year, compliments of the Alumni Association.  However, it is up to the graduate to contact the Alumni Office to maintain his/her active membership.  The graduate must complete the membership form which will be included in the packet issued on graduation day.

Job Placement

Career Services, located in the Conference Center, Rm. 104, (337) 482-1444, assists graduates in finding full-time and post-graduate employment.