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FAQs for Ragin' Grads

Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions for ceremonies. Virtually ALL questions can be answered in detail by reviewing the different pages on the site but a quick review is provided below.

Which ceremony do I attend?
SP/FA Graduates are required to the General Assesmbly and their College Ceremony.
SU Graduates are required to attend the Commencement Ceremony. There is one ceremony for all graduate in the Summer.

What do I wear for graduation?
ALL GRADUATES: Students are required to wear official University issued caps, gowns and tassels when participating in the University Commencement Ceremony.

How do I get tickets for graduation ceremonies?
SP/FA Graduates: Not all graduation ceremonies require tickets.. Please check with your college, if they are issuing tickets, in regards to detailed ticket information.
SU Graduates: Tickets are not issued for Summer.

At what ceremony will my degree be conferred/ name be called?
SP/FA Graduates(Bachelor/Masters) - You degree conferral will take place at your individual college ceremony.
SP/FA Graduates (Doctoral- Your degree conferral will take place at the General Assembly.
SU Graduates (ALL) - Your degree conferrel will take place that Summer Commencement Ceremony.

Can I still attend a ceremony and now I have a class that I will not complete?
ALL Graduates: You are only allowed to participate in one commencement ceremony and it must be the ceremony in which you have completed all requirements for your degree. if you fail to complete requirements for any reason, you are not allowed to participate in the ceremony.

I have guests who want to watch the ceremony online. How can they do that?
Live streaming is available for most ceremonies.

What happens if I show up late for any ceremony?
It is recommended that you arrive at the times instructed to you in your emails from the Office of the University Registrar and/or Academic College. Colelge Ceremonies require that students check-in and receive their reader/image card.